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Family Mediation

There is a better way to settle differences than a costly courtroom battle. Mediation is a voluntary settlement process. A mediator is a neutral person who helps individuals in conflict make practical, informed decisions to resolve the issues before them by examining their needs and interests. Settlement options are developed to meet everyone's goals. Decisions are made which allow each person to realize a positive result.

The primary goal of Family Mediation is for individuals to reach a mutually accepted agreement in a confidential setting. Mediation also:

  • promotes communication and cooperation;
  • allows the parties to control the decisions that affect their life;
  • benefits children and others by reducing conflict;
  • is confidential, avoiding public disclosure of personal problems.

Mediation is less expensive and speedier than litigation, and also is a process that builds understanding and reduces conflict between parties. This is a particularly important aspect of mediation as usually couples will have a relationship for years to parent their children. 

A mediator helps clients examine their circumstances in terms of their needs and interests. Problems are separated into specific issues for discussion. 

Resolutions are defined in terms of what each party desires and perceives to be fair by shaping, understanding and evaluating these options. Once there is a mutual solution, a written agreement is prepared to the satisfaction of the parties.

The Partner responsible for our family mediation practice is Larry Kahn. Larry has been providing Mediation services in the family law setting for over 25 years, and has been involved in hundreds of mediations from very minor issues to extremely complicated financial and custodial settlements.

Mediation can occur prior to the commencement of legal proceedings. However, often it is common for a mediator to become involved at various stages during court proceedings. 

As the mediator, we are unable to provide legal advice for the parties. Therefore, the parties are encouraged to consult with their own lawyer so that they understand their legal rights. 

For further information with respect to Mediation, you may contact Mediate BC.

Lawyers practicing in Family Mediation: