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Family Law

At Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP we believe that helping with family law matters requires not only skill and expertise, but also, a particular sensitivity to family concerns. Our firm has an extensive and mature family law practice, which includes all aspects of family law litigation including divorce, custody, guardianship, access, division of property, spousal and child support. As well, our practice includes representation of clients in common-law relationships and all aspects of the legal consequences of those relationships.

The partners responsible for our family law practice are Larry Kahn, Danny Zack, Betty Gabriel and Jasmeet Wahid. In addition to their substantial litigation background, they also have extensive experience in the preparation of separation agreements, marriage agreements and co-habitation agreements. As well, both partners are resolution oriented and supportive of alternate methods of dispute resolution. Larry devotes a portion of his practice to mediation, while Danny practices collaborative family law and is the co-chair of Collaborative Divorce Vancouver (2008-2010).

Larry Kahn is one of the leading authorities in adoption and reproductive technology law in British Columbia.

Lawyers practicing in Family Law: